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Welcome to lashesmolly.com, owned and operated by Top Tech Wholesale (referred hereinafter as ‘’we’’, ‘’us’’, ‘’our’’, etc.). By your continued use of our website services, you give your unequivocal assent to the terms and conditions of the use of this website, as contained herein.

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Duties and Obligations

By placing orders on our website, you are entering into an agreement with us with respect to the quantity of products purchased on our web. We reserve the right to reject or reduce any quantity of orders, placed with us, that will be deemed as violating the terms and conditions of our website services, or otherwise not compatible with our business and legal interests and rights. The adjustment of the quantity for placed orders will also depend upon the availability of the purchased quantity on our end. You will be notified at all times if your order, in whole or in part, will not be able to be fulfilled on our end. Our delivery obligations shall be deemed discharged upon the delivery of the product to the common carrier. All liability for the loss and the title shifts to the buyer upon delivery to the common carrier, along with notifying the buyer and making reasonable arrangements with the common carrier to deliver the product to the buyer.

In all transactions on our website, you should provide accurate, reliable and authentic information, pertaining to you and/or your business.

Any activity, while using our website services, that violates any laws, applicable regulations, infringes upon our or third parties’ legal rights and entitlements, is strictly prohibited, and the violators shall be held responsible for all the expectation, consequential, as well as incidental damages, incurred by us, our vendors, partners, and/or licenses.

While using our website, you are allowed to write comments and reviews, pertaining to the products and services we offer. At all times, it’s your responsibility to provide accurate and authentic information, based on your own experience. Any information, not pertaining to our services or products, is not allowed. Any reviews or comments of abusive, discriminatory, defamatory, pornographic, or otherwise obscene language are prohibited and will be removed immediately.

You can not use our website services or provide information on our website that is not authentic, is not based on your own personal experience, or is for purposes of advertising or posting products/services not offered on our web.

By posting reviews and comments on our website with respect to our services and products, you infer on us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, unlimited right to reproduce, republish and disseminate that content for marketing purposes of our products. The content, posted by you on our website, should not be published in the expectation of any payment or compensation on our end.

All the content on our website is protected under the applicable trademark and property rights, therefore any reproduction, dissemination, copying, in whole or in part, the content of our web is strictly prohibited without our prior written agreement.

By these Terms and Conditions, we make no representations of express warranties, except for implied warranties as non-excludable by law, such as implied warranty of merchantability, certifying that our products are of acceptable quality and fit for ordinary purposes for which they are acquired. In no event, shall we be responsible for any specific damages such lost profits, even if we might have been aware of such a possibility.  The limitation of our responsibility also includes any kind of consequential, incidental, or punitive damages. Although we take reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of information as provided on our website, we waive all express and implied warranties with respect to any inaccuracies of information, contained on our web.

By continued use of our website services, you assent to waive your rights as to bring any cause of action in contracts, or torts (negligence) against us. You assent that any cause of action shall be brought no later than within 1 year upon the completion of the transaction between us and you. In no event, shall our liability exceed the amount of $100.

Merger Clause

Above-mentioned terms and conditions constitute the integrated and final expression of the agreement between us and you. All prior agreements are superseded by these terms and conditions of the use of our website.

We may change, update, or otherwise modify the terms and conditions contained herein, with or without prior notice. It’s your obligation to read and understand the terms and conditions of the use of our website. The changes are effective immediately upon the update of the terms and conditions on lashesmolly.com, Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions with respect to the terms and conditions of the use of our website, you can direct your questions/inquiries to info@lashesmolly.com.