Privacy Policy

General terms

This Privacy Policy sets out how Top Tech Wholesale LLC (“we,” “us,” or “our”) uses and protects any information the customers provide when they visit the website, (“Website”). Except as otherwise provided herein, this Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by us on this Website. It sets out the website users rights in relation to control the communications and the security measures, taken by the company in protecting the personal information provided by the site users.

The information we collect

We can collect ‘’personal information’’ of you such as name, address, contact information, purchase history and credit card information when you place orders or contact us by email. The continued use of the website constitutes an acceptance on your part of all terms and conditions as set out in Privacy Policy. All the information collected through your continued usage of the website is primarily used for market demand research, customer feedback analysis, and future marketing purposes. No personal information can be disclosed to third parties, except for as required by the law.

If you click on the webpages of third parties displayed on our web, you are strongly advised to familiarize yourself of the privacy policies of the said third parties, since by clicking on those webs you give your consent to exit our web and be directed to the webpages of third parties, who have in place their own privacy policies.

The privacy policy for web can be updated from time to time, and your continued use of our web constitutes your consent to the terms and conditions contained herein. All the updated information on privacy policy will be posted on, under the section of ‘’Privacy Policy’’.

The usage of Information

All the information provided by you can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Fulfilling the orders,
  2. Completing the purchase and sale transactions for the products sold on our web,
  3. Providing services to our customers,
  4. Managing our business,
  5. Expanding and developing marketing strategies for our products,
  6. Protecting our business interests,
  7. Sending promotions to our customers for new products, services, offers, and our business operations,
  8. Disclosures of your information to third parties can be made exceptionally in accordance with the requirements of the law, governing public policies, and pursuant to the requests by government entities.
  9. Preventing fraud, any kind of illegal activities or misuse of our Website, properly safeguarding our business interests, rights and security procedures of data storage and processing.

Disclosure to Third Parties

Unless otherwise specified herein, we don’t disclose any personal information of you with other third parties, except for the companies and agencies in partnership with us in promoting our website’s and company’s normal business operations, such as:

  1. Website hosting agencies,
  2. Marketing and online advertising agencies,
  3. Financial transactions platform providers on our web,
  4. Other financial institutions helping to run our business,
  5. Shipping, delivery, and warehouse companies.

All third parties, as specified herein, are obligated to adhere to the contractual obligations of safely securing and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal data in providing services to you and to us.

We may also disclose your information under the ‘’applicable law’’ to protect our business rights and interests, ensuring the safety and security of our website as well as our business transactions and operational systems. The disclosure of information can be made pursuant to the requests of law enforcement bodies in complying with our legal and regulatory obligations.

In any event of reorganization, sale and purchase of all or part of our assets, bankruptcy, or merger, Your Personal information can be transferred to the successor or affiliate entity.  At all times, your inquires with respect to the collection and usage of your personal information can be sent to the following email address:


Safeguarding Your Personal Information

We take a variety of measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information you enter while using our website. All sensitive information (such as credit card information, financials, etc.) are encrypted and securely transmitted. All third party service providers are required to adhere to security measures in receiving and using your sensitive personal information, you can check the security ‘’https’’ indicator in accessing the third party service providers’ web pages. We also enforce restrictions on those third party service providers who do not need an access to such sensitive data in fulfilling their contractual obligations with us. Ina addition, all sensitive type of data such as credit card information, financials, etc., are removed from our servers once the transaction is completed on our website.

You are strongly encouraged to use cautionary measures while using public computers or such networks. Although we use the best measures (reasonably available administrative, technical, and physical safeguards against any suspected fraudulent activities) available to secure the confidentiality of your sensitive information, the security and confidentially also depends on the degree of precautions taken on your end.


Certain cookies are being used on our website for the purposes of providing better services to our customers. These cookies allow some of the key information you provide while visiting our website to be stored on our end in order to ensure more convenient experience on our website. The kind of information collected through necessary and functional cookies include but not limited to the length of your visit, pages you visit on our web, any other activities on our web. This information is being collected exceptionally for the purposes of enabling more user-friendly experience on our web, developing marketing strategies based on browsing history of our visitors, and improving the functionality of our website. Be aware that third party service providers, such as Google Analytics, may also be used in collection of such information. Each of these service providers has their own privacy policies in collecting and using technical information. For the purposes of familiarizing yourself with the provision of their respective policies, you are encouraged to check the privacy policies of the said third party service providers and their use of cookies. You may read more about cookies at We may use Functional, Marketing, and Analytics cookies to run our website and fulfill our normal business operations.

California Consumer Privacy Act

Effective January 1, 2020, pursuant to California Consumer Privacy Act, as a California resident you can exercise the following rights in the scope of using our website services:

. In 12-month period not more than twice you can request that we disclose to you any information collected on you while using our website services. The main categories of information that can be disclosed include:

  • The categories of personal information, collected on you,
  • The categories of sources from which the personal information is collected,
  • The business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling that personal information,
  • The categories of third parties with whom we share that personal information, if any,
  • The specific pieces of personal information, collected on you,
  • The categories of personal information that we have disclosed about you for a business purpose.

You have the right to request the deletion of the personal information that we have collected on you. You will not to be discriminated against in any respect because you exercised your rights under this section of the Privacy Policy, and we will not discriminate against you for exercising of your right of doing so.

You may submit your request through the following methods:

Sending a request for ‘’Do not sell my data request’’ to the email address:

All the types of information subject to disclosure are being collected by us exclusively for legitimate purposes such as conducting our business, fulfilling the orders received via our website, and completing the transactions. The purposes and forms of usage of this information can be found herein, under the section ‘’The usage of Information’’.

Disclosure of information request is to be processed upon verifying the identity of the requester as a current Californian resident. We reserve the right to fulfill the requests of disclosure of information collected from you within 45 days upon receipt of such a request, not including any exemptions allowed by the law. Any personal information deemed as sensitive and confidential may be redacted upon fulfilling the information disclosure request.

California consumers can request that we delete any personal information collected while using our website. The exemptions to this include the type information that is necessary for fulfilling the legitimate purposes of our business, such as completing the pending transactions and fulfilling orders placed by you. Any personal data that is collected for providing services to our customers as described on our website are not subject to ‘’being removed’’ requests if they are reasonably compatible with the legitimate purposes of our normal business operations.

California residents also have the right to opt out from selling their personal information to third parties. If you opt out, we will not sell or transfer your information to any third party except as otherwise authorized by law. However, in cases where such a transfer to third parties is necessary for completion of our business operations, such as completing transactions, fulfilling placed orders and making proper shipping arrangements, the personal information provided by you can nevertheless be transferred to third party service providers who operate under the contractual obligation of using this information only for purposes for which such a transfer has been made.

You have the right to request the deletion of the personal information that we have collected on you. You will not to be discriminated against in any respect because you exercised your rights under this section of the Privacy Policy, and we will not discriminate against you for exercising of your right of doing so.

Children’s Information

Our website is not intended for the use by children under the age of 13. Therefore, any information on individuals under the age of 13 can not be collected, stored and/or used in any way by the operations of this website. In any event we discover that information has been provided by users under the age of 13, all reasonable steps will be taken for such an information to be deleted from our systems immediately.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be updated and revised periodically. A proper notice of such a revision and/or material changes will be notified about on our website. It’s the customer’s responsibility to check the terms and conditions of the privacy policy of this website and direct any requests with respect to the collection and/or use of personal information collected on him/her to the above email address:

The date of the last revision of the Privacy Policy is 11/6/2021